I’m Deborah Whitebird-Griffith, I own and operate High Cotton Events.  The venue is located in the heart of Brookside.  I’m a southern girl, with a passion for interior design, cooking, and event planning.  I found my passion for event planning more than twenty years ago when I hosted a couple’s shower in my home in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  After moving to Kansas City, I continued my passion for event planning (weddings are my favorite).  I love staying in step with design trends, seeing what is coming, and what will stand the test of time.  I was fortunate to design our low country style home which has been featured in several local magazines. 

My vision for High Cotton has been to create a backdrop that allows each client to inject their own personal touches.  With Art Deco chandeliers it's a hint of modern and a little industrial with metal trusses.  Let High Cotton become your backdrop.  My motto has always been “Life is too short to be like everyone else, each one of us is unique in our own way, why not make your event match who you are or who you want to be”.



624 E. 63rd Street | Kansas City, Missouri 64110